On this website you will find tools to help you pass the Government HSA!

Each link below will lead you to the following resources:
(1) A Multimedia Presentation that visually and orally explains different concepts and processes.
- If you are using an IOS device, you will need to download the free VoiceThread app to view the presentations.
(2) A hyperlink to a website that allows you to study vocabulary using Electronic Flashcards
(3) A hyperlink to play Review Jeopardy
(4) A set of Practice HSA Multiple Choice Questions to assess your knowledge of the unit you just studied

*These REVIEW QUESTIONS are a guide to assess your progress for each unit. The questions correlate with each Multimedia Presentation.

Units 1 & 2: Basics of Government, Economics, and the US Constitution

Unit 3: Participation in Government

Unit 4: The Legislative Branch

Unit 5: The Executive Branch

Unit 6: The Judicial Branch

Unit 7: Economic, Domestic, and Foreign Policy

Government HSA Review Sheet for Serious Crammers!

Play Jeopardy to help you review for the Government HSA!(Use the LSN Jeopardy links)

Click on this link for more information regarding Maryland HSA's!